About Stawisha Jamii


Stawisha Jamii has a goal to help children from less privileged backgrounds in Kenya.

Stawisha Jamii Norway

Stawisha Jamii is a Norwegian Foundation approved by the Norwgian Government in 2014. The Board members are volunteers, and do not get any economic compensation for their work.

Stawisha Jamii is a member of a Norwegian Organization, Innsamlingskontrollen. Innsamlingskontrollen controls the economy in many Norwegian foundations.

More than 95% of all donations to Stawisha Jamii Norway go to the helping projects in Kenya. There is just a minor part which is spent on administration of the Norwegian foundation.

RSM Norway is the auditor for the foundation

Øyvind Haugen Wingan

  • CEO, Norway

Ragnhild Klungervik Berdal

  • Styreleder

Brynjar Wingan

  • Styremedlem

Organization in Kenya

A total of 250 children are supported by Stawisha Jamii.

The organization (NGO) in Kenya was officially registered by Kenya government in September 2017 and has the name STAWISHA JAMII PROGRAMME with organization number: OP.218/051/17132/10746. The Board leader is Brynjar Wingan and Board members are: Anne Solveig Haugen Wingan, Ragnhild Klungervik Berdal, Teresia Ngugi and Charles Kairu. Øyvind Haugen Wingan is the CEO of the NGO.

Accounting in Kenya

Stawisha Jamii program is approved by the NGOs coordination board in Kenya. Annual returns is sent to the government. All accounts are audited and the name of the audit firm is Esther and Associates, based in Nakuru.

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