Football Programme 5-20 years


This involves 200 children, girls and boys aged 5-20 years. All trainings are conducted at Kimathi in Nakuru. Kimathi is located in an estate with many challenges and many of the children who stays there comes from poor backgrounds The players are taken through mentorship sessions, leadership trainings and focus group discussions by the coaches. Our main target is to help the players grow in all aspects of life for them to be successful. 


Girls and boys from poor backgrounds.

Mentorship sessions and individual follow up.

Qualified coaches and teachers.

Stawisha Jamii works together with local clubs and Public schools. Together we organize trainings and friendly matches. With this, more children have the opportunity to attend to free sports activities.

Stawisha Jamii played it's first international tournament in April 2019 in Nakuru, Kenya. This was a tournament where Stawisha performed very well. Stawisha have now a junior-team in the senior mens league in Nakuru County. Both girls an boys teams are regularly participating in local tournaments in Nakuru County. A Stawisha team attended the Skandia Cup Tournament in Norway in June 2023. They won a trofe' for third place in Boys19 

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Meals for all trainings

The children are served meals after every training

Football equipments

Football equipment to our teams and other local teams and schools in Nakuru

Education support

Some players get a follow up from qualified teacher.


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