Girls education (21G)

This is a programme (21G) where 21 girls at a children home, also got education support.

When the programme started the girls stayed at the children’s home ran by Stawisha Jamii, but after some time we found a solution whereby they were taken back to their parents/guardians.

The organization still helps 15 of the girls from their homes where we are supporting them with school fees and more.

By October 2023, 50% of the girls, who have left secondary, are studying in either university or college.

Kimathi (Nakuru)

Many schools in Nakuru have overcrowded classes and because of this teaching is difficult.

In our footballprgramme we hope that our mentorship will motivate all children to work hard, so they perform well at school.


Kabazi center 10-15 year - With the special focus on girls

Stawisha Jamii has a land in Kabazi, approximately 36 km from Nakuru town. This is a very remote and poor area. For us to achieve the goal for better education we are helping the children in Kabazi and its surroundings. As per October 2023, there are 17 children (mostly girls) at the center who all come from less privileged backgrounds and attending public schools.

They come at the center for academic coaching, guidance and counselling, mentorship sessions and practical sessions to help them survive and grow in the digital world. They are trained by a qualified teacher and are given light meals before going home.

Another important activity in Kabazi is growing fruits and vegetables. The parents to the girls come to the center to attend this activity.

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