Education is the key to a better life

Stawisha Jamii helps children from vulnerable families in Kenya with education and sports.

Our Projects



In terms of education, Girls in Kenya are not always given the priority by parents and that’s why our main objective is to sponsor girls position and help them in education.


Stawisha Jamii works together with schools and local football clubs in Kenya. Our goal is that all children in school to have the opportunity to enjoy sports. We make that happen by organizing weekly football trainings at 3 public schools in Nakuru. For both girls and boys.


Coffee, from Africa, is sold to partners, companies and schools in Norway. The coffee is sold at a market price, and all profit from the sales goes to supporting the education and sport projects in Kenya. 


Stawisha means development. Jamii translates to family and society.

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Your contribution can give children the chance for a better education and future